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Comment from Frida: reza  در تاریخ ۰۴ بهمن ۱۳۹۰ گفته که :salam va khaste nasbihad mikhastam bedunam gv 16 va 18 az lahaze sorat farghi ba ham daran?? merc babate site ghashangetun
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Comment from Joao: Hello. I'm am interested and loionkg for a not so expensive small house.Could you please give me details on payment,( Not pag-ibig)and other requirements.Also please send me whole picture of house and more pictures of interior.What is its address?Mr. Thon
Comment from Afen: Hi AZ,My knowledge of the ennemonrivt up here is still taking shape. We have ice in the water, a lot more than I expected, especially since the main sheet broke off in may, stranding some whalers. I've been hearing talk that it's from the melting glaciers in Greenland, but that may be a yarn. One thing I have found is that the ocean East of Barrow Point will fill up with chunks of floating ice while the ocean West of the point will be relatively clear. Then if the current is right, the ice will flow out westward. This quantity of small chunks this close in July doesn't match the previous two years; how uncommon it may be I don't know.
Comment from Serpent: All direct kelnowdge about the North Slope of Alaska I get pretty much comes from your images and writings. I find it informative and fascinating.I did not know there are jellyfish in the Arctic Ocean  let alone so many!I also see in the image that it looks like ice is still just offshore. It that true, or is it just a fog bank? In your experience, how does the ice retreat this summer compare to years past? [url=]ikemda[/url] [link=]vnfplwarvc[/link]

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Comment from Elbeulah: Wow, a bunch come to mind. For movies, ROCKY and ROCKY II for sure. One I haven't seen moienentd is VICTORY, with Sly Stallone, Michael Caine, Max Von Sydow and a bunch of famous international soccer players, including Pele. It is about a game where a bunch of POWs play the German National Team for charity. The captain of the Germans is played by Werner Roth, another famous international player who came to play in the USA.Which takes me to my first documentary offering, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, which was about the New York Cosmos and soccer in the USA in the 70s. Even if you aren't a soccer fan it's a great documentary. Would 2nd Mr. Shea re: DOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS and add RIDING GIANTS (about surfing). Can't forget MURDERBALL. And for boxing, just watched RING OF FIRE: THE EMILE GRIFFITH STORY. And no list of sports documentaries is complete without WHEN WE WERE KINGS.
Comment from Wilab: Well, glad that Kinsella and Walter Tevis have been remembered (I hope no one wants to noitname the film version of THE COLOR OF MONEY, with the most inept performance imaginable by Tom Cruise). Now, recall William Campbell Gault, the king of all sports fiction...even more for his adult pulp stories than his later YA novels. Paul Bishop is usually suggesting more sports fiction, when not doing men's adventure/spy-fiction series, for FFB. For boxing, I always mention Michael Shaara's THE BROKEN PLACE among more famous novels (and his FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME is perhaps his only only other book, a chapbook in that case, that isn't historical fiction of sf).  Barry Malzberg's UNDERLAY for horse racing, ahead even of Dick Francis.Films...well, lots. Documentary ROCKS WITH WINGS and the fictionalized version, EDGE OF AMERICA. The rather similar BELIEVE IN ME. PERSONAL BEST. HEART LIKE A WHEEL.
Comment from Bogoce: Breaking Away does count. It was a terrific movie, wasn't it?Chariots of Fire-was that the only one made about the Olympics other than that one about the US Hockey team. You can count the Big Lebowski in my book. Raging Bull is the best of the boinxg movies probably. Hoop Dreams is more about making it out of the slums than basketball. I just loved it. And the Coover book is brilliant.Jack Kerouac invented a similar system for a game he played. North Dallas Forty and Semi-Tough.I think sports' novels are really hard to pull off. It is so visual. [url=]syidscor[/url] [link=]hbnwblt[/link]
Comment from Lakeisha: If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say Knwgbuoaa, dude!

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Comment from Mark: Brings back memories of when I caught the running bug as a UCSD grad student. Can even see the rock that juts out into the water. Obviously the picture was taken at low tide.
Comment from Anonymous: Yes, post a loop that includes the beach, when tide permits.

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Comment from Heidi: Hey, that post leaves me feeilng foolish. Kudos to you!
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