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Hello, and welcome to our websites. We operate several websites for active people. One of the worlds leading websites for bicycle commuters. Featuring online user submitted biographies A website for runners based on and with similar features of our popular bicycle commuter website. The worlds first and largest website for runners who run, train and race with GPS units. Based on our popular GPS running website this website is for cyclists who ride, train and race with GPS units.

Why these sites?

    I am John Meacham an avid cyclist and runner. During my daily bicycle commute in Orange County California I would ride with and talk to other bicycle commuters. Most every bicycle commuter had a great commute story. I was looking for a way to share these stories with others. The product of my quest was my first website for active people. The site was an instant success with visitors and contributors from all over the globe.

    I also am a runner; I have run many races from 5Ks to Ultra Marathons. My favorite is running activity is trail running. I built to provide the same features to runners as offers bicycle commuters. Why the name Run Yet? Itís what many of my running buddies start a conversation off with. They will call me and say Run Yet? Seeking a running partner for the run of the day.

    The two newest sites are and these sites are for runners and cyclists who train and race with GPS units. As GPS units become smaller and more commonplace many runners and cyclists are now carrying and/or strapping these devises on when they head out for a workout. There are even new models of GPS units that are designed for runners. And cycling GPS systems will be out soon replacing and/or supplementing the old cycle odometer/speedometer. 

Who we are,

    I am a computer professional. Currently I am seeking work in Southern California. Being a product of recent downsizing I have supplemented my income by consulting. My consulting company is Plan-Pros at we do project management, website design and construction, networking and system install and administration. If your looking for a best in class consultant visit us at if youíre an employer or have a job lead in Southern California please contact me at

Our next Websites,

    Stay tuned, I made my first website in July 1995 using the vi editor the CERN server, and Mosaic from NCSA for a browser. My first website was site of the day in October 1995. Since then I have built many websites but none are as fun as these sites for Active People.