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Update Log
4/1/04 Put into prerelease, Changed Image management so each runner has own file, Added Image Management for runners
4/2/04 Added buttons to all image pages, Added view size for images, Added full screen slide show for images, Updated Hardware, Gamin
4/5/04 Added art to std Borders, New Header and Nav bar. Added Content to site, Added link from forum to images
4/6/04 Added background to image pages, Made and installed buttons for Image pages,
4/7/04 Rewrote CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to display better on low-res screens and load faster on all systems.
4/9/04 Received DeLORME Topo USA version 5 today, Added screen shot in software area and updated the software list, Moved the software list from Hardware > Garmin to Software. Added TopoFusion to Software area with screen shots of Bata versions logbook. Added image of the Casio GPS watch to Hardware > Other.
4/10/04 Moved update log off front page to Site Log page. Added display ad to home page, added Garmin Hardware, Added Magellan pages
4/12/04 Regesterd with major Search engines, Got placement on Google, MSN, HotBot, Altavista. Added $20 credit for Amazon Visa, Setup GPS Runner Stuff on-line store.
4/14/04 Added Trailgauge to the software list
4/19/04 Removed thumbnail images from image top-page, changed home page
4/2104 Updated software list
4/22/04 Added Tom Perry’s Article, changed Home Page, Took out of prerelease mode and put into production mode.
4/2804 Added MacGPS Pro to Software Page
4/30/04 Started Links Page
5/1/04 Built Links page
5/4/04 Added Sierra Club Offer to Home Page, Upgraded Development tools
5/14/04 Removed file upload for added security
6/06/04 Released Website

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